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Fat measurement – Metabolism

Free monthly personal monitoring of fat measurement – metabolism.

What is fat measurement?

With fat measurement we see in detail the composition of the body, ie how much fat we have in total in the body, how much muscle mass and how much is fluid. In addition, we can see how fat is distributed in our body, that is, we see how much fat we have in the abdomen, arms and any other point of interest depending on the case.

Basic metabolic rate

The minimum daily level of energy or calories your body needs when it is at complete rest (including sleep) to function effectively (respiratory function, nervous system, liver function, kidneys and other organs). 70% of the calories consumed daily are used for basic metabolism. The more intense your activity, the more calories you burn. Increasing your muscle mass increases your basal metabolism, which increases the calories you burn and therefore helps you reduce your body fat levels.

What does the Metabolism Test measurement include?

Your Metabolic Age.
Basic Metabolism in Kcal.
Daily caloric intake in Kcal.
Our weight. (only if you wish. You do not see anything on the scales, it only appears on the computer).
How Many Calories does our body need per day for its basic function.
Body fat analysis.
Visceral fat.
BMI analysis.
Lean mass.
Muscle mass.
Bone mass.
Bodily fluids.

The exams are completely painless.

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