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Functional Training System

The Real Motion – Purmotion Aerial Fitness training is based on the assumption that “we are as strong as our weakest point”. Using the innovative equipment of PurMotion ™ (AirfitPro, Vector System, Renegade, etc.), we design high intensity cross training workouts, aiming for the perfect result in the shortest possible time.

The high-performance sports products REAL MOTION – PURMOTION , are designed to allow the user to perform exercises freely, on a three-dimensional axis, without any restrictions. Using the body as a whole, as a complete unit, the practitioner can perform “functional” muscle strengthening exercises, exercises that emphasize free movement, exercises that strengthen the core and stabilize the body.

Whether you are training for any sport or you just want a better quality of life, Real Motion – Purmotion Aerial Fitness training provides you with an effective, clear and unrestricted way to help you achieve your goals.


Start to move

Adaptation and familiarization program with the Functional Training System (Functional Training) of Purmotion ™. With Start 2 Move® we focus on the thorough preparation of the trainees to lay the foundations for the new way of training.

We use new tools (AirFit ™ Trainer Pro, Renegade ™, Vector Trax, etc.) new movements and new rules of exercise that introduce us to the philosophy of Functional Training.


Real Cross

The principle of diversity is here and applies to every workout. We combine Aerobic Exercise and Functional Training achieving each time strength, power, endurance, speed and flexibility in one training unit.

Volume is the keyword.


Real Strength

Training in Stations. Traditional power programs are implemented with new movements and means. Complete weight training for all levels of trainees.


Real Functional

In this class, we practice the definition of Liturgical Exercise. In Real Functional® we move on to the following basic moves : Pressures – pulls – rotations – movements – level changes – and combinations of all of them (any composition of two or more of them).

In essence, we prepare the trainee to cope with the repetitive demands of his daily life.


PT4 Pro Suspension Training

Belt training is based on strength exercises with body weight . Depending on the position of the body in relation to the ground, the difficulty increases or decreases. Thus the level of difficulty can be adjusted to the levels of each athlete.

Training with straps provides ideal stimuli to the body to optimize the functionality and strength of the central body.

During the exercises, the abdominals, the back and a number of other important muscles “work” to stabilize the body. Result: a strong and functional spine.

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