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1. Registration in the Gym is allowed only to adults, upon presentation of their identity card. For the registration of a minor, the physical presence of the guardian and the signing by him of a Responsible Declaration – consent for the registration of the protected member is mandatory.
2. Each subscription is strictly personal and concerns the member mentioned in the corresponding Proof of Service only.
3. Upon entering the Gym, members are required to show their membership card and pass it through the special identification device (barcode), located at the Reception.
4. The membership card is strictly personal, non-transferable and contains information about the identity of the member that is necessary for his identification (demographics, photo) and the control of his subscription (program termination, financial obligations).
5. Each member is obliged within three days from the date of registration, to present a Medical Certificate from a Pathologist or Cardiologist, which confirms that physical exercise is allowed. This certificate is renewed every 12 months. In case of non-presentation of the certificate, the member exercises at his own risk and the gym is entitled not to allow the member to enter until the presentation of the certificate.
6. Please do not leave money or valuables in the cupboards. Each member at his own risk should insure his personal belongings in the locker rooms of the locker rooms, which he uses only during his stay in the space. Permanent use of a cupboard is prohibited. The gym is not responsible for any loss of money or items.
7. The behavior and presence of the members must always be decent and decent.
8. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the Gym.
9. The use and trafficking of illegal substances or food supplements inside the Gym is strictly prohibited.
10. Noise creation in the area and harassment of members is prohibited.
11. The use of lockers is allowed only during the stay in the Gym.
12. For any loss of items, the Gym is not responsible.
13. The use of a towel is mandatory.
14. The use of sportswear and sports shoes is mandatory.
15. The use of all the exercise machines of the Gym should be done carefully and always based on the instructions of the managers of the gym. Electronic machines before use, should be regulated only by the responsible trainer.
16. It is not allowed to stay in the gym beyond the opening hours. Especially in the exercise rooms, the stay is allowed up to 15 minutes before the end of the opening hours.
17. Members must take into account the safety measures of the building, to avoid accidents.
18. The purchase of any subscription implies the acceptance of all the above terms of the regulation.


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